we are currently expanding our herd!

What a difference a year makes! Cattle prices are at record levels and feed costs are declining, good to be on this side of the cattle cycle. As we all know however the good times are much shorter than the tough times. Input costs continue to be at record levels and probably wonít come down much more. With that being said producers are trying to rebuild their herds and breeding females are demanding record prices. This is a great time to sharpen our management skills and maximize production of our livestock and we feel Simmental as a breed is leading the way to maximize production per cow or per acre of grass. One of the greatest attributes of Simmental is a highly fertile female that has adequate milk, calves unassisted, and is easy to handle. The Simmental bulls produce cattle the feedlots want with their ability to gain red muscle and still grade choice and hang a heavy carcass.

Our herd, for the 5th straight year, has been recognized with a Performance Advocate award and a score of 500. Simply put this award is given for producers who turn in data for every cow in their herd for birth weight, weaning weight, yearling weight and yearling hip height. It takes a great deal of discipline and effort to make sure all records are recorded and up to date and Stavick Simmental is very proud to be one of the 41 who qualified for spring 2013 enrollment in the country. It also gives you, our customers, the confidence you need, when selecting your next herd bull, that numbers are real and not weighted to be an advantage to some sire groups or individual.
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“King of the Range” Bull Sale

Thursday, February 4, 2016
Aberdeen Livestock, West Barn, Aberdeen, SD