Welcome to our 16th annual production sale. Simmental as a breed is clearly in the driver’s seat for being a true multi-purpose package. If you are trying to rebuild an ageing cowherd, expanding an existing herd or simply trying to maximize pounds in a terminal program the option with Simmental or SImAngus are proven! We have tried to deliver genetics that will help in any direction you might be headed.

For the 6th straight year we have been recognized for being a Performance Advocate (PA) and enrolled in Total Herd Enrollment (THE) in that every animal in our herd has data turned in for birth weight, weaning weight, yearling weight and hip height. We take great pride in the data collection process and rest assured all the data is getting turned in.

As in the past our bulls are developed on a complete TMR ration. The ration consists primarily of prairie hay, corn silage, alfalfa, corn and distillers along with a dense chelated mineral pellet targeting an ADG of 3.65 lbs per day. Fast enough to observe bulls that excel in gain and eliminate those that don’t while providing a slow enough growth period for bone, muscle and testicular development. Remember it is our core belief that a customer should never have to worry about feet and leg issues from overfeeding.
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“King of the Range” Bull Sale

Thursday, February 4, 2016
Aberdeen Livestock, West Barn, Aberdeen, SD

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