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Cattlemen, I would like to welcome you to our 14th annual bull sale! It always amazes me when I look back from year to year what changes we have made in our program and what hasn’t changed. This year is the first year we will be having our own independent sale day at Aberdeen Livestock. We felt to better serve our customers we needed the bulls available in a bit more relaxed setting prior to the sale and without the distraction of bred cows going by the lanes and the fear of someone getting hit by a gate while looking at bulls. For these reasons we moved to a Thursday sale.

This year, for the 4th consecutive year, we have met the requirements and have been acknowledged as a Performance Advocate of the American Simmental Association. This program was developed 4 years ago to acknowledge breeders that consistently submit data for every cow in the herd for 6 different traits. We are very proud of this distinction as this year we are 1 of only 38 herds in the US to achieve this. Again this year we are also enrolled in THE program which tracks every cow in our herd through the ASA. We feel the reasons to do both are pretty straight forward, to be able to make change you first must generate accurate and useful data in a structured way on many individuals so you can compare results of individuals.

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“King of the Range” Bull Sale

Thursday, February 5, 2015
Aberdeen Livestock, West Barn
Aberdeen, SD